Photography, Film

Our skin is to some degree our point of disclosure to the world, imparting our bodies' histories, the condition of our health and vigor, how old we are, where we might be from. But when compared with other species, our austere bodies are fairly useless for actual communication. How and what might our skin communicate if we had some of the more sophisticated tools found in animals & plants?
For TEGUMENT, custom digital algorithms suggestive of algorithms found in nature's patterns, textures, camouflage, and organic structures are projected onto the human form, manipulated live, and the result is captured in photographs and video with minimal retouching.
All artwork and photography by Ray Horacek unless otherwise noted.


Artwork by Ray Horacek, Photo by Josh Bulriss

Artwork by Ray Horacek, Photo by Robert Michael Poole


Artwork and Live Drawing by Ray Horacek
Filmed and Edited by Richard Grehan


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