TRACES OF TURBULENCE                 Galerie Paris, Yokohama, Japan                     February 2nd - February 9th, 2024
THE VICIOUS CYCLE OF VIRTUE      Site-A Gallery, Yokohama, Japan                    October 28th - November 13th, 2022
DRAWING EXCUSES                            Midori.so, Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan           September 7th - September 13th, 2013
TEGUMENT: PUMA                              PUMA House, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan           September 21st - October 12th, 2012
TEGUMENT                                           Midori.so, Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan          May 26th - June 1st, 2012
TRANS | FIGURATE                               KAIS Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan              April 16th - April 17th, 2011
EMOTISCAPES: ARTCOMPLEX           Artcomplex Center, Tokyo, Japan                 September 7th - September 12th, 2010
EMOTISCAPES                                      KAIS Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan              August 21st - August 22nd, 2010
FACELLATIONS: M                                M Event Space, Tokyo, Japan                       April 9th - April 15th, 2010
FACELLATIONS                                     KAIS Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan              February 20th - February 21st, 2010
ADHESION                                            Levi's Arcuate, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan           May 10th - June 13th, 2003


KIAN 2023                                          Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan                      September 29th - October 29th, 2023
PIXEL SKULL MECENATE                   Mecenate Fine Art, Rome, Italy                      October 21st - October 23rd, 2022
ARTPIA                                                Online (Tokyo, Japan)                                    June 22nd - July 21st, 2022
PIXEL SKULL ART COLLECTIVE         E30, Frankfurt, Germany                                July 15th - July 17th, 2022
KOGANECHO BAZAAR 2021             Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan                      October 1st - October 31st, 2021
KOGANECHO BAZAAR 2020            Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan                      September 11th - October 11th, 2020
ROADSIDE PICNIC                             Yusui Gallery, Yokohama, Japan                     March 1st - March 22nd, 2020
KOGANECHO BAZAAR 2019             Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan                      September 20th - November 4th, 2019
STRUCTURAL SURFACE                     Noritake Garden Gallery, Nagoya, Japan       November 28th - December 3rd, 2017
JAN JANSEN SHOE TREASURES        Rokin75, Amsterdam, Netherlands                November 16th - November 20th, 2017
NANJO HOUSE NATSU MATSURI      Bigakko, Jimbocho, Tokyo, Japan                 August 14th - August 16th, 2014
EAST WEST ART AWARD                     La Galleria Pall Mall, London, UK                   October 23rd - October 27th, 2012
TAINTED URBANISM: MEMORY         Paraglobe Gallery, Tokyo, Japan                    November 19th - December 17th, 2011
360GRAPHICS COMPOSITE ART       Artcomplex Center, Tokyo, Japan                 October 11th - October 16th, 2011
TAINTED URBANISM: MORNING       KAIS Gallery, Meguro, Tokyo, Japan              July 9th - July 10th, 2011


HOMECOMING OF OPA!                    Itochu Aoyama Art Square, Tokyo, Japan      July 11th - July 31st, 2014
OPA! UMA ALEGRE REVELAÇÃO       Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Sãn Paulo, Brazil       January 23rd - March 16th, 2014
POLAND FASHION WEEK                   Lipiny, Lodz, Poland                                      October 15th, 2013
ECLECTIVE EXPLOSION                      ImageMILL, Gaienmae, Tokyo, Japan           August 17th, 2013
TEGUMENTARY                                    Junko Koshino Gallery, Tokyo, Japan            July 29th - September 7th, 2013
TV ASAHI ART FLEA MARKET             TV Asahi Umu, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan        April 7th 2013

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