Turbulence refers to sudden unstable movements within a fluid, but also to a general state of conflict or confusion without order. Our world is in a constant state of flux and renewal, and the only constant is change. We can try to tie ourselves to the structures that have hitherto supported us in the hopes of weathering the storm, or we can trust the waves to take us confidently into the unknown endless open seas beyond. We all pass through periods of turbulence in our lives, and these experiences leave traces on us in the same way that water leaves traces of particles onto surfaces that it touches. While some may see traces of turbulence as wounds and signs of destruction, others see new evolved forms and seeds for future creation.

The motifs in these works flow naturally and freely from the imagination, just as the high viscosity paints flow into and around each other and the fluid tape lines dance over them. They are at once recognizable and fleeting, grotesque and beautiful, human and human-less. It is said that water carries the memories of our ancestors; let us carry the traces of turbulence not as wounds or faults, but as badges of honor and as timeless reminders of the beauty of our unfolding world.



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