Entropy is the tendency for things in nature to move toward a state of lower energy and higher disorder over time. If this is an inevitability we are bound to in some way, we are all bound to it together in an endless procession. And it is up to each of us how we treat those who travel with us. 
This installation explores these ideas in three distinct acts above the three main spaces of Hinode Studio. Act I: Emergence explores new beginnings and offspring relating to its location over the gallery. Act II: Fumbled Myths is situated over the cafe and accordingly investigates human interaction and stories. Act III: Torn Threads deals with ancestors and receding memories based on its location over the bookstore.
Starting with paint applied using sponges, the details and outlines were completed with various widths and colors of masking tape and marker. The unique nature of the window layout in this site allows the work to be experienced from the street, from within the 3 spaces, or as a single walkthrough on the upper level.




Photo credit: Yasuyuki Kasagi
Video credit: Naoki Yoshimoto
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